Chop n Block

Food, cooking and sharing meals have captivated Brody since a very early age.  His fondest memories are either at the dinner table or in the kitchen.  At the age of 14 he started his first dish washing job at a local Kamloops pub and he has never looked back.  Now, 20 years later, however removed from the restaurant environment, and norm of cooking hot plated meals he’ll tell you he’s never felt more like a Chef than he does today.  

As the self proclaimed “Charcuterie King of Kamloops” the Thompson Okanagan provide a perfect environment for Brody to focus on his Charcuterie and Salume. The access to amazing Pork and Beef, fruit and vegetables along with the dry, sage infused air provide daily inspiration. He now can be found in his kitchen at the Chop N Block trimming, seasoning, grinding or stuffing or at many of the local farmers markets sharing his latest creations.

sliced fruits and meat on brown wooden board

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