Vendor Application

We are thrilled to introduce the Teníye Local Market, dedicated to promoting and uplifting local businesses, artisans, and farmers within our community.

We firmly believe that nurturing economic growth and championing local talent is pivotal in cultivating a dynamic and sustainable community. As part of this mission, we extend an open invitation to vendors, artisans, and farmers to be a part of the Teníye Local Market. This platform promises to spotlight your products, crafts, and farm-fresh goods, directly connecting you with our valued community members and visitors.

Why Join Teníye Local Market?

  • Gain access to a diverse customer base, spanning from our community to wider audiences.
  • Showcase your distinctive products, crafts, and the freshest farm produce.

How to Participate

Kindly email us at with a list of the products your company currently offers.

Key Details

Market Location: 5085 Barriere Town Rd
Anticipated Opening: 2024 (Produce Vendors)
At Teníye Local Market, our commitment extends to uplifting Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs.