Gourmet du Village

Since 1982, Gourmet du Village have been creating award winning recipes and artisan blends in the small village of Morin-Heights, located in the Laurentians, a land of lakes and mountains an hours drive north of Montreal Quebec, Canada.

At Gourmet du Village, we make it easy to make homemade.  We add the taste to the basics in our customer’s pantry or fridge with our easy to make recipes and products to share with family and friends.

Mike & Linda Tott started Gourmet du Village as hobby in the fall of 1982, it was actually called “Pot Pourri’ village that first season of selling from a cart in Place Bonaventure, Montreal.

fresh hummus and pita bread

Spread the Word

We warmly invite you to share this call for vendors, artisans, and farmers with individuals who may be interested in becoming a part of our community-driven initiative.