Klaasen Farms

We are a family owned blueberry farm offering delicious blueberries grown locally in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Our family has been farming for over 30 years, and with over 80 acres of blueberries we are dedicated to growing great tasting blueberries at an affordable price. Our goal is to grow and produce natural and flavoursome blueberries and we do this by focusing on sustainable farming. We use all natural and non toxic products on our blueberries in order to provide our customers with nutritious, fresh and frozen blueberries throughout the year. By using an non toxic spray and only spraying when absolutely necessary our blueberries are safe to eat right from the field.

bowl with ripe berries on table

Spread the Word

We warmly invite you to share this call for vendors, artisans, and farmers with individuals who may be interested in becoming a part of our community-driven initiative.