River Select

Authentic Indigenous Seafood – formerly River Select

Knowing where your seafood comes from makes it taste that much better—the source makes all the difference! Authentic Indigenous Seafood collaborates with Indigenous-owned fisheries to bring you sustainably-sourced seafood. 

At our core, our mission is to meaningfully connect consumers to the sources of their seafood. But the ripple effect is so much bigger than that. Our approach fosters increased appreciation for seafood ecosystems, responsible trade ethics, as well as the ecological and cultural security that these fisheries represent.

Providing our great food to you wouldn’t be possible without the partnerships we have with Indigenous-owned fisheries. These fisheries are experts in sustainable practices, sourcing their seafood using these types of practices for thousands of years.

Authentic Indigenous Seafood works alongside these small to medium-size community-based fisheries, connecting them to the people like you who see the value in sustainable, Canadian-sourced seafood. 

Free smoked salmon crostini

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We warmly invite you to share this call for vendors, artisans, and farmers with individuals who may be interested in becoming a part of our community-driven initiative.