Up The Hill at Loakin Inc.

At Up the Hill at Loakin, beauty means more than just great skin care and gifts. It’s about bringing back old wisdom and practices from Indigenous cultures and building strength. Our brand is not just about selling things; it’s like a special ritual that reminds us of our roots and future. Our products, made in the early morning, are meant to care for both your skin and your soul.

June Anthony-Reeves, the woman who started our company, has Secwepemc heritage and has been making these natural products for more than 15 years. She learned how to make and gather food and plant medicines from her ancestors, and now she teaches her daughter, Crystal, as they work together.

Our plant-based products are good for vegans, don’t have nuts, and we pick what we need without harming nature, thinking of the next generations.

Wild carrot in blossom

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We warmly invite you to share this call for vendors, artisans, and farmers with individuals who may be interested in becoming a part of our community-driven initiative.